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Usually your guests will move out onto the south facing terrace after you both have led them out of the ceremony. As you will appreciate from the pictures in this brochure there are some wonderful backdrops for your treasured wedding photographs.


We can recommend a wedding specialist photographer or you can find your own. We do strongly recommend that you do hire a professional even if you have a good friend who volunteers. It is a specialist skill and we have one or two occasions when a couple was disappointed with an amateur photographer and we have invited them back free of charge to redo them.


The front door and steps are perfect for the formal group photos directly after the ceremony while the south facing garden side is perfect for more informal settings. The roof terrace allows the photographer to do an overhead wide angle shot of all your guests.

We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to a memorable day for Ben and Hannah. We know they will recall the day with fond memories ... what a great evening everyone had!

Mick and Sue Bridgeland

anstey hall